In the News: Banh Mi

••• The Daily News has an article about restaurants near the Brooklyn Bridge subway station—”a gastronomical gold mine” of three restaurants? One of which is Zucker’s, which is nowhere near the subway stop? Anyway, it says that Mangez Avec Moi Express is actually named Banh Mi, which is news to me.

••• The Daily News is also outraged that model Karolina Kurkova walked around Tribeca wearing a gun-print dress “in the days after the failed assault weapon ban bill and a nation was still raw about both Newtown and Boston.” The dress was designed in 2006 by Nili Lotan, and the Daily News needs to get a life.

••• “Inside Donald Judd’s Home Studio [at 101 Spring], Open for Tours in June.” I wish there was a gift  shop; I’d love some mini Judds as paperweights or door stoppers. —Curbed

••• Manhattan Loft Guy looks at three sales in the A line at 261 Broadway.

••• Michelle Summerville, who lives in the area and has a great-looking and -reading family travel blog called 3onthego, has written a roundup for anyone looking for brunch-with-kids recommendations, especially with the Tribeca Family Festival coming up. Below: Locanda Verde.

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  1. My credit card receipt for Avec Moi Express has always said Bahn Mi (and once I think it said Bahn Me!)–the Express name part seemed logical, but always threw me off.