Seen & Heard: Dylan Prime Update

••• Suzanne Vega is playing City Winery on July 3 and 10. Here’s a wonderful recent song, “Frank & Ava”—how can you not like a song that starts with the line, “On the way to the bidet is when the trouble used to start”?

••• “We are finally filing our paperwork tomorrow,” says Dylan Prime owner John Mautone. “We will be back in a few days and going right to the renovation phase.” (UPDATE: See Dimitriy’s comment below. I’ve asked John if he had a comment about it.)

••• Last night’s free peek inside the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse (right) on Foley Square, as part of Woolworth Week, was fantastic. I hadn’t realized the Cass Gilbert–designed building had just finished a six-year, $314-million renovation. It was gorgeous! No photos allowed, alas, but you can see some here. I could do a whole post on the carpets alone. (And from high up, Federal Plaza looks like it belongs in Rio.) Big, big thanks to Woolworth Week for organizing it, and if anyone can ever get me back in to take photos, please let me know.

••• Afterward, I popped into the Lounge at Atera, where walk-ins are allowed if there’s room. I had a delicious (strong!) drink made with Bourbon, crème de cacao, marshmallow root, and smoked tobacco. Anyway, there’s now a menu of “snacks”—the same ones you get when you dine upstairs. Click it to read it.

••• Pier 25 update #1, from Manhattan Youth: “Mini-golf is now open in good weather. The Sweet Love Snack Bar opens in mid-May. The Art Shack is open in good weather. Friday Night Youth Beach Volleyball sign-ups are open.”

••• Pier 25 update #2: On June 10, July 8, and August 12 (6:30–7:15 p.m.): “Let the Story Pirates take your children on a journey so wild it could only come from the imaginations of kids! Story Pirates’ teaching artists guide the action, seeking inspiration and ideas for their interactive show from the children in the audience. The Story Pirates play colorful characters who sing, dance and improv their way through never-before (and never-again!) seen adventures.”

••• Pier 25 update #3: On Thursdays, June 27 – August 29 (1–5 p.m.): “Kids as young as five and adults learn how to fish while engaging with trained environmental educators about various river science topics.

••• From Kathryn MontillaRapp: “Tribeca CSA now accepting sign-ups at support local foods and our neighborhood!” (CSA = Community Supported Agriculture, where you sign up and get a box of produce every week.)

••• Another Tribeca-related Jane’s Walk: “This walk, led by architect, David Cunningham, will be a 2.75 mile jaunt along Greenwich Street from Tribeca to the Meatpacking District. Along the way walkers will visit six small facade projects.As a group, these facades represent some of the more daring small scale interventions into the fabric of the city. The buildings are a mix of new construction and renovated structures dating from just after the Civil War to the present day.” Details.

••• Cherrywood Kitchen, up on Spring, starts serving lunch today. Pictured: Salmon head salad with dill cucumber dressing and crispy salmon skin. Photo by Erin Smith.

cherrywood kitchen



  1. Hmm Dylan Prime is still listed to be auctioned off on May 6th

  2. @Dmitrity: I reached out to the restaurant for a comment but I haven’t heard back.