In the News: Sterling Mason

••• The New York Times profiles the Sterling Mason, the half-new, half-old building at 71 Laight: “There will be six 2,000-square-foot two-bedrooms starting at $3.9 million; four 3,250-square-foot four-bedrooms starting at $8.6 million; and five 3,700-square-foot five-bedrooms starting at $9.2 million. The three penthouses—one is a 4,600-square-foot three-bedroom; another a 5,600-square-foot five-bedroom—will have fireplaces and terraces; they will start at $16 million. The building, which will have three apartments per floor with two elevator banks, also plans storage spaces, a fitness center, a library, a children’s playroom and 12 parking spaces.” The article laments the lack of inventory in Tribeca; too bad the Times doesn’t consider Broadway Tribeca, because that street is on fire. (Wait, I just now got the Sterling Mason name—the left half has a metal facade.)

••• 11 N. Moore has a teaser site. The penthouse (with pool) will “be priced from approximately $35 million.” —Buzz Buzz Home

••• “Developer Sharif El-Gamal appears to be considering a residential condominium development on the site of the stalled Park 51 project, also known as the ‘ground zero mosque.’ El-Gamal has approached multiple brokers in Manhattan seeking advice on how to build and market condos at the site.” —The Real Deal

••• BonChon Chicken on John Street has reopened after a fire last year. —Downtown Lunch

••• “Dave’s Hoagies opens Monday on Cedar Street.” —Grub Street


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  1. Park 51 in other news:

    They must be serious about developing the property as the news story says the landing gear piece was discovered by surveyors.