In the News: New Documentary Cinema

dctv-by-tribeca-citizen••• “Two Michaels (both Bloomberg and Moore) and a cadre of other important folks are breaking ground tomorrow on a brand-new movie theater, called DCTV Cinema, which will be exclusively devoted to screening documentaries. The coolest part, in our view? It’s located on the first floor of a firehouse built in 1860, on 87 Lafayette Street between Walker and White.” —Curbed

••• “Domed American Thread Penthouse Now $1 Million More.” —Curbed

••• A 1660 map of Manhattan. —Ephemeral New York

••• “It once seemed that No. 22 Renwick would never emerge from the shadows of the real estate bust. Like its neighbor 15 Renwick, No. 22 dealt with price cuts, lawsuits, and a foreclosure judgement. But the building got new owners—DelShah Capital and On The Level Enterprises—and a second chance. As of today, it is officially back on the market! There are currently four units listed in the Philip Johnson- and Alan Ritchie Architects-designed building, now known as Renwick Modern.” —Curbed

Renwick Modern


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  1. That former firehouse has been a center for film production and training since 1972. So that’s just an expansion of what they’ve been doing for a long time. Have a look at