President Obama Is Visiting Tribeca Tomorrow

From a business on Reade between Hudson and Greenwich: “A cop came in Friday afternoon to inform us that the President will be ‘visiting a friend’ on our block Monday. (Police have posted ‘No parking Monday’ signs.) The officer informed me that we can continue operations as scheduled but anytime between 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., the block will be closed for 20 minutes. That means no one is to step out of their businesses or walk down the block.” Obviously, any photos of President Obama—or an idea of who his Reade Street friend is—would be greatly appreciated.

Moreover, minority leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi dined at Estancia 460 last night. The readers who spotted her even sent in a photo:

PelosiNext thing you know, Joe Biden will be playing shuffleboard at Nancy Whiskey.



  1. Eric Cantor was in Whole Foods (TriBeCa) last night around 7pm. He was wearing a tux and had 2 Secret Service w him. He’s short.

  2. Nancy Pelosi also at Sarabeth’s today for lunch then some toy shopping next door right after that. Not that I was paying attention.

  3. Could it be they are all attracted lot the smell of $$$$? :)

  4. Can’t this “friend” go visit Obama somewhere else? Why does the President have to go to his/her place…unless they are hosting a fundraiser but how much can you raise in 20 mins?

  5. It was announced on the news that there will be a fundraising event at Harvey Weisntein’s apartment.

  6. @Liz: The White House schedule shoes back-to-back DNC events, so maybe one is there and one at Alexandra Stanton’s home:

  7. Erik:

    Interesting. Sorry, i hadn’t read that piece.

  8. I found out from friends who live in WV that Obama was at Harvey Weinstein’s townhouse on Bank St. today where one of the fundraisers was held.