A Vendor Has Left All Good Things

All Good BreadJust nine months after opening, Orwashers Bakery has left the popular market All Good Things: It was there yesterday, but today every last crumb is gone (which is a shame because I put off buying another loaf of the Morning Spelt Bread, which I love). I’ve reached out to both parties to see if there’s an explanation—other than the one on the wall, that is—and whether more changes are to come.

UPDATE: “In effort to bring the best product to the neighborhood and the city at large,” emailed All Good Things owner Kyle Wittels, “All Good Things has decided to sell their house made bread and pastries as well as a curated selection of the best of New York bakeries. In addition All Good Things will start selling breakfast sandwiches and tartines. Please look forward to our opening by the end of the month.” I do love a breakfast sandwich….

UPDATE #2: And this came in from Keith Cohen at Orwashers:

To Orwashers’ friends old and new,

We’ve been thrilled to be a part of the TriBeCa community these past 9 months and are so grateful for your support at our Franklin St counter. We’ve made many new friends and customers and hope you’ll continue your patronage at our flagship UES store while we look for new opportunities to serve our customers throughout the city that we’ve been nourishing for 96 years and counting.

As a modest token of our thanks and friendship, I would like to extend this offer to all our Tribeca customers: Until June 30th, visit our store at 308 East 78th, and we will treat you to a free 1lb loaf of NYC’s best bread. Just bring a copy of this Tribeca Citizen post and the delicious bread is yours. In the next week we’ll be expanding our flagship store hours and also introducing a few exciting new developments (hint: PB & J). You can also find us at Smorgasburg, New Amsterdam Market, Dean and Deluca, Battery Place Market, Agata & Valentina and many more stores and restaurants.

Please continue to patronize the other great vendors here at 102 Franklin St, and thank you again for your support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Keith and the entire Orwashers crew



  1. they are a good idea, but they have teething problems. I’m not surprised one of the vendors left. I think there will be some movement before it all falls together.

  2. Agree. I keep walking in and walking out.

  3. no more doughnuts … damn

  4. I too walk in, …hoping that something will click, but it never does, so I walk out. I want to love it, esp the beer section, but the help leaves so much to be desired. Everything there is so predictable and nothing new. The idea is interesting, the execution falls short.

  5. Ack! No more donuts or cinnamon raisin bread! That was really the only vendor in there worth visiting..

  6. NO!!!!

  7. All good things lost one of their best vendors? well guess who just lost a customer…

  8. noooo where will i get my sourdough from now on!?

  9. This is a tragedy. Orwashers is hands down the best bread in the city. “Curating” a selection from other bakers is a poor, poor substitute.

  10. Orwashers was the only reason to visit! Have you

  11. the lavain local is unreal where else can you find the best real French bread anywhere. ” come back please.”

  12. Bummer! I just bought 2 loaves last week from Orwasher’s At All Good Things. The UES is far, but I guess I’ll take a bike ride up for my free loaf!

  13. That’s terrible. It’s my weekly stop for a loaf of bread (something I found terribly lacking in this neighborhood until they moved in). I hope the replacement is up and running quick and as good.

  14. “A curated selection of the best of New York bakeries?” Insufferable.

  15. Such a pity – and for those who “walk in and walk out” – the fish
    on offer there is actually really good – may be worth a try …

  16. “All good things” does have All good things! The flower market reminds me of the flower markets in Paris & I have yet to see that matched anywhere in the city, the mexican chocolate ice cream is to die for, for the locavores the vegetable selection is superb as is the fish & meat and you have to try the boozy box chocolates, so why ‘walk in and walk out” You don’t say that about Whole Foods & they are a large chain so give “All Good Things” another chance all of you naysayers. I’m just another satisfied customer!