RH Gallery Has Closed

Well, that’s too bad. RH Gallery at 137 Duane just sent out an email saying that it has closed. (Actually, in more proof that I need to walk down Duane more often, it closed two weeks ago.) Here’s the somewhat ominous note—and not just because the subject line was “RH Gallery Final Communication”:

Dear Friends and Family of RH Gallery:

Two weeks ago, RH Gallery closed its doors to the public. The circumstances required that I act quickly. Though disruptive and unfortunate, terminating operations was the best available option.

I write with gratitude for your contributions over the last two-and-one-half years. In many ways, the gallery was a tremendous success. This would not have been possible without your patronage and support.

Adam Taki



  1. Maybe the Pizza parlor will come back

  2. It certainly was an ominous email. Eric, counting on you to dig up more info on this.