In the News: The Conversion of 7 Harrison

By Bryan Thomas for the Wall Street Journal••• Tribeca Paint and Hardware owner Andrew Scheman has listed his apartment as a rental, and it was the Wall Street Journal‘s House of the Day. (Photo by Bryan Thomas, courtesy the Wall Street Journal)

••• “You’ve probably rubbed shoulders with people like John and Veronica, the wealthy couple at the heart of [Thea] Goodman’s first novel. Perhaps you’ve spotted them at Dean & DeLuca, contemplating brands of organic goat’s milk, or at Tribeca Paint, scrutinizing palettes of yellow before choosing ‘pollen’ for the baby’s nursery.” I get sneezy just thinking about it! “The toll of parenthood proves a terrible realization for John and Veronica, who find both their home and their circadian rhythms upturned by their 6-month-old daughter, Clara. One January weekend, John, a researcher for a successful hedge fund, spontaneously jets to Barbados with the baby, telling Veronica, only after their arrival, that he and Clara have gone to visit his mother in the suburbs. Is this a kidnapping? A betrayal? Or merely the act of a man wrecked by months of exhaustion that ‘seemed to calcify within him, then crack’?” —The New York Times

••• Steven Alan talks to the Wall Street Journal about stuff he likes.

••• USA Today on Arne Svenson’s photos of his neighbors. (I sure missed a Loft Peeping reference when I wrote about it.) Apparently, the “Today” show covered it, too. The increased publicity just erodes at the privacy even more, no?

••• Steven Harris Architects is handling the conversion of 7 Harrison: “The landmarked building, near [on, actually] Staple Street, will feature 10 three- and four-bedroom half-floor residences, as well as a townhouse unit with a private garden and a duplex penthouse with private outdoor space.” When Adam and I were looking for an architect to renovate our apartment, I left a long message at Harris’s office (it’s the nice-looking one on Chambers). Never heard back. Phone manners matter, baby. Related: Bloggers never forget. —The Real Deal

••• “The [New York State] Assembly should […] remove Sheldon Silver from the leadership.” —New York Times


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  1. Yes, I agree that phone manners and general business etiquette matter. If you’re in a service business, responsiveness to customers or potential customers is what it’s all about. I wouldn’t deal with any business that does not respond to messages. Thanks for the heads-up about Steven Harris Architects.