Seen & Heard: Citi Bikes Have Arrived

••• “Citi Bikes are here,” emailed a reader. “In front of, where else, the Citigroup building.” Update: Matt just sent in a pic of them at Brookfield Place. (See end of post.)

••• The former Barbarini space will become Babalu—I mean Barbalu—with one of Barbarini’s owners at the helm. Follow it on Twitter at @BarbaluNYC.

••• I was in London earlier this week, and I have to say how impressed I was with the communication between the city and its residents. Signs like this were posted everywhere I walked (and all I did for four days was walk and walk and walk). Would it be so hard for New York City to require this kind of thing when it wants to change traffic patterns, do street construction, install bike stations, or whatever?

••• I had read that The Other Woman was the Dominique Strauss-Kahn film, and not the Cameron Diaz film I initially thought it was, but now it appears that it’s definitely the latter and conceivably both. (Related in that it’s about a movie: I rewatched For a Good Time Call… on the plane home and I laughed out loud many times—and I hadn’t even taken a Vicodin. If you like a raunchy girl-power comedy, try it. Caveat: I detested Bridesmaids.)

••• Thanks to the reader who sent in this photo of the brassy cages being dismantled inside Brookfield Place. Let’s call it an Eightiesectomy.

Brookfield PlaceCiti BIkes



  1. They’re between W Bway and Varick by the Franklin St subway station as well. They’re almost fluorescent. Eerie.

  2. The note in the first bullet points about the bikes is incorrect. The second to last picture in the post shows the copper framing structures within the Courtyard of Brookfield Place being removed by workers. The last picture shows the bikes outside of One Liberty Plaza, a Brookfield owned building in Lower Manhattan.

  3. @Xander: Where would we be without you?

  4. @Erik Torkells – Don’t worry, I am here all week.

  5. The Citi Bikes have arrived and it’s eerily quiet…too eerily quiet. Where is the mayhem? Where is the social fabric devastation? I fear this quiet. I fear it for my cotton-fiiled ears and for the precious children of the neighborhood who are already burdened on a daily basis with mothers who really shouldn’t be wearing yoga pants and fathers who really shouldn’t be wearing flip-flops. When these sponsored-Trojan Horses fully unleash their hellish convenience on NYC-kind, will we be ready? Will…..we…….ready?

  6. Ohhhh Smithers