Where in Tribeca…? Special Edition!

Can you tell which businesses these eyes keep watch over? All of them are outside, near the front door.

And remember: You can see previous Where in Tribeca…? photos at pinterest.com/tribecacitizen/where-in-tribeca/ (just click on each photo twice to see the answer).

UPDATE: If someone guesses one right, I’ll note it on the photo. (See bottom.)




blue eyes hat answeredround-eyes-5213-420x280-1



  1. Seems to be a lot of blue eyed cowboys! I can only positively iD one for now though, the bottom one is the bear from Mangez Alec Moi on West Broadway.

  2. The eyes with the red band over them are on the indian outside of the smoke shop on Church Street.

  3. @Jennifer: Afraid not…. (Is there a Native American in front of that store? If so, I forgot about it for this post.)

  4. 4th one down – Statue of Liberty in front of Prime Essentials?

  5. The one with red band is from the “western saloon” shop on Broadway (and Walker I believe)

    The one underneath with bright green eyes and old bushy eyebrows is the cowboy from Balloon Saloon!

    Now I’ll be on lookout for all these eyes :)

  6. @Kiran: You got the Balloon Saloon one right, but the one with the red band is not on Broadway….

  7. #7 Cricketer’s Arms on Murray St.

  8. @Andrea: Yep! Halfway there….

  9. #1 is Uncle Sam on broadway and white

  10. Agree, #1 is Uncle Sam.

  11. @Randy: Yes, indeed, that’s the Uncle Sam in front of American Icon.

  12. #5 in front of the cigar store on Beekman between Park Row and Nassau?

  13. @Lynda: Nope, but good guess!

  14. Could the fifth one be the Native American outside the convenience store on Beekman (City Hall area, not Tribeca)?

  15. @Claudine: Sorry, not it.

  16. #2 – Native American statue in front of Western Spirit on Walker and Broadway
    #3 – Superman statue in front of Ricky’s on Franklin and Broadway

  17. Well done, Éveux! That leaves just one little Indi—er, one little Native American.

  18. Cigar Store Indian at the smoke shop at corner of Park Row and Spruce.

  19. @FrannyR: Sorry, that’s not it….