In the News: Is One Burglar Behind the Rooftop Crime Wave?

••• The New York Daily News says the recent break-ins are thought to be by the same burglar. Also: “In each case, the thief enters the apartment and removes Apple products and jewelry, according to police sources.”

••• “A man jumped to his death from an office building in Tribeca [on Wednesday], authorities said. Workers reported seeing the man dangling from the 27-floor art-deco building before leaping and landing on a neighboring five-story building on Walker Street around 2:10 p.m., today. […] The victim was clothed in an open blue button-down shirt with a black Ghost Busters T-shirt underneath and jeans, witnesses said. There appeared to be a messenger bag next to the body.” —New York Post

••• “Dance New Amsterdam, the first cultural institution to relocate to Lower Manhattan in the days following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday. The move, which is intended to stop the owner of the organization’s Chambers Street headquarters from seizing possession of the premises for back rent, comes amid the backdrop of a broader financial crisis.” —Broadsheet

••• The Hudson & Broad showroom (at Hudson and Vestry, right) is on the market. —Real Estate Weekly

••• The New York Times visits “JumpLife, a group fitness studio in Tribeca, the workout is on trampolines.”

••• Atera’s Matthew Lightner shops for salt-and-pepper shakers. —The New York Times

••• “An elderly man was injured when he stumbled down a flight of stairs inside the Chambers Street Station and slammed the side of a waiting A train.” —DNAinfo

••• “Artist Donald Judd’s immaculately restored former home-slash-studio on Spring Street, full of his own minimalist design choices and a ton of artwork from his friends and contemporaries, is open to guided tours starting June 3. But now we’ve learned that you can actually stay there overnight, too. According to its Airbnb listing, you can rent out the five-floor building for a mere $2,000 a night.” —Curbed (the page for Curbed’s post won’t load, so no link; also, the Airbnb link goes to the home page)


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  1. Any chance the guy who jumped off the building was the same guy robbing apartments?