Seen & Heard: Businesses Getting Robbed from Below

Color Me Mine••• Tribeca is getting robbed from above and below. “The other night, Color Me Mine on Reade got broken into,” emailed a reader. “Apparently the police said it’s happened repeatedly to businesses in the neighborhood—the MO is that the burglars enter through either mistakenly unlocked or jimmied sidewalk panels that give them access through the basement.” Color Me Mine confirmed the break-in, but I haven’t heard back from the NYP about whether this has happened elsewhere. Know anything? Email me at

••• I hear a Bikram yoga studio is circling the Artflag space at 8 Jay.

••• Matthew Morrison of “Glee” will be at Barnes & Noble on June 5. He has a CD out.

••• Good news from the Live Well Company: “Construction is finally underway at our new location in The River Lofts Building at 256 West Street. We’re psyched! It’s gonna be a great place to train. We will be a 4000 Sq. Ft. One on One Functional Fitness Facility & Boutique Gym.”

••• Actor Oliver Platt will be joining the Poets House for its annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge fundraiser on June 10.

••• Looks like something is coming to the grand old Antique Orange space at the northeast corner of Broadway and Franklin; the windows are papered.

••• From C Lambert: “So how are those MikeBikes? Heavy and Clunky and Kinda Cool! I purchased a one year membership, to support the program, and the process is more than challenging to get a bike, and then dock it. One needs to leave the barcode fob in the mechanism for an inordinate amount of time before there’s a green light, letting the rider know he can lift up the back wheel with Herculean force and access the bike. Definitely download the CitiBike free app to know where the bikes are and where there are empty docking stations. When docking, that’s another challenge as one needs to once again use Wonder Woman force to slam in into the docking station, and then pray for a green light. The docking stations on Barclay Street were totally inoperable this morning, so I needed to swing by the next block.” Adam tried using my fob the other day (I haven’t gotten around to it yet) and he was promoted for a PIN, which the annual membership shouldn’t require. My guess is the machine got glitchy.

••• A Sing for Hope piano designed by artist Paul Motisi will officially be unveiled tomorrow in Washington Market Park.

Sing for Hope piano by Paul Motisi



  1. I’ve used a Citibike now 6 times. No problem at any of the docking stations either releasing or re-docking the bike. The instructions say that removal and replacement of the bike is more about finesse than brute strength. True – I am hardly wonder woman and have not had a problem yet.
    The bikes are heavy and certainly do not offer the comfortable ride that my own does, but you can’t beat the convenience of docking rather than locking. And, for commuters, you can change your mind about the return trip. Too hot, raining, not in the mood? No worries about getting your bike home.

  2. My husband and I had lots of issues with Citibikes this weekend. First, some of the stations that were supposed to be working (per the app) were not. Then, we found one that worked only to have problems later trying to get a new pin (daily access) from another station. The kiosk seemed to think that we didn’t return the bikes, which we did. Then, we tried to call the 1-855 number and it was out of service. In the end, we got one 30 minute ride for our day pass.

    The concept is great, but clearly they still have a lot of kinks to work through.