A Long, Deep Look Inside the New Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green front doorI’m just back from a tour of the loooooooong-awaited Asphalt Green Battery Park City, which opens next Saturday, June 15. (“Come hell or high water?” I asked and then quickly retracted.) Director Bryan Beary led the way around the LEED Gold–certified building, and it’s pretty fantastic.

The 52,000-square-foot facility is spread over three levels in two buildings. First, let’s explore the lobby level. (Note: All photos enlarge is you click on them. And the abundance of natural light makes some rooms look darker than they are.)

Asphalt Green lobby level mapThe lobby is open and airy; a café/juice bar run by Elixir will be to the left of the front door (kind of where I was standing to take this photo).

Asphalt Green lobbyAlso on the main level: A 156-seat theater to be used for theater classes (including Stage Combat and Acting for Business), films, dance, summer camp, and more. It should be mentioned here that most spaces will get used in myriad ways.

Asphalt Green lobby level theaterLet’s go downstairs….

Asphalt Green lower level mapAsphalt Green lower level stairsThe check-in desk for members is downstairs, to the left; that’s where swimmers will get towels.

Asphalt Green lower level checkin deskThis is probably the last time I’ll be in the women’s locker room. The lockers can handle longer garments, which is nice. There’s a steam room, which I didn’t shoot, and there’s also a family locker room (along with a men’s one, naturally).

Asphalt Green lower level locker room Asphalt Green lower level locker room showersRentable lockers are out by the fitness area (more on that in a sec). I still don’t quite understand why they’re not inside the locker rooms, but whatever.

Asphalt Green lower level rentable lockersAnd here’s where you can store your kids—a.k.a. the dedicated babysitting room, where child check will be available during the day on weekdays and on weekends.

Asphalt Green lower level babysiting roomAll locker rooms feed into the pool area, so you don’t have to parade around the rest of the place in your swimsuit, unless you want to. The main pool is six lanes wide and 25 yards long, 3’6″ deep at one end and 9′ at the other. (When I was a kid, the blocks were always at the shallow end, which doesn’t make much sense, does it?) The temp is around 80 degrees, which is great for swimming, and the air temp is 81 degrees—a bit hot for my taste, but the room is also home to the teaching and exercise pool (90 degrees, to placate kids). The entire floor of the T&E pool can rise, a boon for those who have a hard time getting in and out.

Asphalt Green lower level main pool Asphalt Green lower level teaching poolA smart detail: The hallway outside the pool area (and the basketball court) has alcove windows so parents and caregivers can keep an eye on kids without having to listen to the instructor sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Asphalt Green lower level pool alcoveThe fitness area is perhaps not as big as you might expect, at least compared to Equinox. It has Precor machines and free weights and fantastic light.Asphalt Green lower level fitness room

Asphalt Green lower level fitness room2Asphalt Green lower level fitness room3The basketball court is full-size, with a screen that can drop down the middle for half-court play. And there are lines in the floor for volleyball. Basketball will be for adults and kids, with organized pick-up leagues and also times for open play (same goes for the pool). This is also where InShape Circus will lead circus arts classes, such as trapeze and human cannonball.

Asphalt Green lower level basketball courtA fitness studio with dance bars:

Asphalt Green lower level dance roomA room with stationary bikes (they won’t be this close together):

Asphalt Green lower level spinning roomEven the hallways are gorgeous:

Asphalt Green lower level hallwayAnd now, upstairs! A classroom (the ceilings aren’t quite as high as they look—this furniture is kid-size).

Asphalt Green upper level classroomA classroom with dummy! Any staff member who deals with kids gets medical training.

Asphalt Green upper level classroom2A music room, or should I say a room that’s set up for music. Church Street School for Music & Art will help with music classes:

Asphalt Green upper level music roomCatering company Great Performances, meanwhile, is running classes in the culinary center:

Asphalt Green upper level culinary center Asphalt Green upper level culinary center2And finally, a Pilates studio:

Asphalt Green upper level Pilates roomAs you can see, the 52,000 square feet are being put to work. So far, Asphalt Green Battery Park City has around 2,000 adult members (and an untold number of children as part of family memberships). The max will be around 3,500 members.

For more on membership, class offerings, schedules, and a rundown of the free opening demo classes available June 15-27, see asphaltgreenbpc.org.



  1. Am I missing something or is there no discussion of costs on their website?

  2. Erik, would love it if you would inquire about membership rates and why they have a long-standing policy of being sketchy about them. If you read online reviews about their Yorkville facility that seems to be a real theme.

  3. @David and Strollerless: That’s pretty standard behavior for gyms (which doesn’t make it less frustrating); they want the opportunity to sell you on how fabulous it is. The rates when I signed up in August of 2011 are at https://tribecacitizen.wpengine.com/2011/08/18/asphlat-green-bpc-the-rates/. If anyone goes to ask, feel free to add them here.

  4. Sorry for missing your earlier story on this. What I had heard (and read) was that the ~$100/monthly rate is swim-only. Does your membership include access to everything (fitness too)?

  5. @Strollerless: Mine is not swim-only, although it’s not *everything* (if only becasue some programs require fees). But it does include the gym—and I’ve never heard mention of a swim-only option.

  6. Why do you take vertical photos rather than landscape wide horizontal

  7. @Picky: Because the maximum width a photo can run on my site (without being enlarged by clicking on it) is 420 pixels, which is small for a horizontal photo but decent for a vertical one. Even though the photos can get bigger by clicking, my guess is that most people don’t bother.

  8. The site alludes to a pool-only option, but isn’t explicit. That’s what my wife is seeking. I guess I’ll just have to get down there and speak with them. I’ll also be interested to know how populated it seems. Looking forward to your first field report.

  9. I was quoted the following:
    Non- Residents
    Adults: $119.00 per month, $199.00 initiation fee ( *currently $49.00 reduced to $29.00)Save $170.00
    Family l: $139.00 per month, $259.00 initiation fee (*currently $49.00 reduced to $29.00)Save $230.00
    Family ll: $210.00 per month, $299.00 initiation fee ( *currently $49.00 reduced to $29.00)Save $270.00