Seen & Heard: Free Piano

••• From Friends of Washington Market Park: “Sadly the Sing For Hope Pianos in the Parks event comes to an end this weekend. But the gorgeous pink piano in Washington Market Park (designed by Paul Motisi) is generously being donated to any worthy organization in the area who is in need of a piano. If interested, contact us at”

Gallery 69••• Gallery 69 will host the Tribeca Urban Arts Showcase—a celebration of street art, break dancing, and hip-hop—June 14 through 16. Here’s a graphic and the press release.

••• Lovely, the bridal shop coming to 182 Duane, is now saying it’ll open in “like, August.” (It also says it gave Lonny magazine the exclusive announcement, but it’s been confirming the location since February…?)

••• From A.: “This past Saturday evening we heard the most amazing live performance from a rooftop party on Duane Street (big rooftop space covering Duane Street to Thomas Street, between Church and W. Broadway). We are wondering who the performer on the piano was. It was mesmerizing to hear and we do have a bet going on who it was.” I suggested it was John Legend, if all the tweets were any indication, and A. said that was her guess. Were you there? Send me a photo!

Lilac deck••• From Pier 25’s Lilac Preservation Project: “Thanks to volunteer Christina Sun, LILAC will now be open on Sundays from 1:00 to 7:00 PM. We are also extending Saturday hours slightly to match (we were previously open 1:00 to 6:00). The ship is still open to the public Thursdays too, from 3:00 to 6:00.  Christina has started our long-awaited souvenir store on the boat deck. Right now, she is mostly selling her own creations but we’ll be adding more merchandise—and more LILAC-themed goods—in the coming months.” Other news and volunteer opportunities are here.

••• The NYPD’s First Precinct and the First Precinct Community Council emailed this out yesterday.

In the last several months a series of rooftop and loft burglaries has occurred in the Tribeca area of the 1st Precinct.

Below is a news article [Sigh. —Ed.]

There are several things residents can do:

1) Adequate lighting is essential for deterring and detecting criminal activity.

2) A Closed Circuit Television System and an alarm system can aid greatly in the protection of your home when it is both occupied and unoccupied.

3) It is recommended that exit alarms be installed on all doors leading to the roof in the event that an unauthorized person enters upon the roof.

4) Make sure ladders, patio furniture, and tools are secured where they are not accessible.

5) It is imperative that all doors and windows are locked when the premises is unoccupied, even if for a short period of time.

6) An intercom system can aid greatly in the security and safety of all persons present in a building. [As opposed to what?]

• Make sure when you buzz people into the building they are expected guests, do not randomly buzz anyone into your building.

7) Operation Identification is offered free of charge by the NYPD and involves registering the serial number of valuable electronics along with the owners name and contact information. Benefits of this program include:

1) The marked property is more difficult for a thief to sell.
2) Stolen property in the possession of a thief is easily traceable to its rightful owner.
3) Should you be a victim of theft, registering your property with the NYPD could help bring about its return.

The next upcoming meeting of the 1st Precinct  Community Council is on Thursday June 27th, 6:30pm at the 1st Precinct.



  1. Sometimes you drop such snarky things into your posts. Your “as opposed to what?” is so childish. Some buildings still have a simple door-bell/buzzer without any means of speaking to the person outside. So just buzzing someone in is unsafe and stupid.

    I am sure the memo was not meant just for the new or modernized buildings in the area. There really are less modern buildings with occupants in the area.

  2. @Em: Thanks for clarifying—I really did just want to know “as opposed to what.” Because yes, buzzing people in without knowing who they are is stupid, which is why I still can’t believe the NYPD thinks this is helpful advice.