In the News: Bloomberg Opposes Bill Punishing Buyers of Counterfeits

•••”The Bloomberg administration is going to oppose a bill that could put buyers of fake luxury products behind bars.” —New York Post

••• Arianna Huffington has a new apartment in Tribeca, site of a recent conference on “redefining the successful life.” (A living room big enough to fit 200 people certainly redefines it for me.) —The New York Times

••• A very sweet Vows column on a couple that met while she was working at the Flea theater. —The New York Times

••• In her Tribeca duplex, Laurie Anderson talks to the New York Times about her upcoming performance with Ai Weiwei in Toronto—and also, to a lesser degree but more relevantly in this context, “‘The Language of the Future,’ the two-part production she is presenting at the River to River Festival at Rockefeller Park on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. […] Picking up a drone, she said she would have ‘a little fleet’ of them flying over Rockefeller Park on Tuesday and Wednesday.” Excellent! I can still remember the first time I heard her; I can conjure her voice in my head even though I don’t hear it often. Read the last paragraph of the NYT piece as if you were her:

Once, we were playing in Portugal, at a castle, and as we came to the end of a song, I suddenly heard a beautiful musical line. I looked over at the others, but I was the only one playing. And then I looked up and realized that a tiny owl was singing this heartbreaking melody. And I thought, life doesn’t get better than this.

••• “The ‘2,300 sq ft’ loft on the 3rd floor at 132 Duane Street that recently sold for $3.4mm has now sold 4 times in mint condition and once in what had to have been less-than-mint condition. […] The recent sale is only 2.93 times the 2001 sale, which is close enough for me to say the value has tripled in 12 years.” —Manhattan Loft Guy



  1. Arianna Huff-fuff-fuff-ington in Tribeca? Tribeca has officially-sacrificially jumped both the shark and Fonzie. “Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power” – is a living room that fits 200 people in NYC exempt from that redefinition AND the fire code? People don’t work harder for less money because they want to, it’s because corporations don’t pay fair wages across the board (or don’t pay their bloggers) and then substitute “nap rooms” for better compensation. My daughter asked me why she couldn’t go to private school with her friends, and I told her that her mother & i were redefining success. She then stomped off to her “nap room” to redefine “stuffed animals.”

  2. Arianna Huffington’s new apartment is on Mercer St in SoHo, as per the NY Post and others. But, hey, close enough, right? :)

  3. @James: Usually the Post (and not the NYT) has a had time figuring out where Tribeca begins. How does anyone not know that Mercer isn’t below Canal?

  4. Way to go Smithers!
    Way to go.