In the News: Kindergarten Waitlists Cleared

••• Brookfield Place is going to have a gym, but I’d be shocked if they’d let New York Sports Club (as the Broadsheet says residents would like) share space with Hermès, Burberry, etc.

PS 150••• “Department of Education officials announced […] that the waitlists for kindergarten in [the?] neighborhood’s public schools […] had now officially been cleared. The DOE was able to eliminate the waitlists by adding more sections of kindergarten to Battery Park City’s P.S. 89—to accommodate the overflow at both P.S. 89 and nearby P.S. 276—and Tribeca’s P.S. 150, which has long had only one class per grade.” —DNAinfo

••• “Supermodel Kylie Bax Sells Self-Designed [11 Vestry] Duplex for $3M.” —Curbed



  1. I chuckled when I read the NY Sports comment! There is NO WAY they will pick a chain like NYSC to take space. At a minimum, it will be an Equinox but it will be a high end Gym.

  2. So they have put a bandaid on the lack of school seats by seriously overcrowding already crowded schools. No new seats were actually created. If PS 150 moves or closes after next year, where do they plan to house those 60 kids moving up to 1st grade? Can 89 accommodate 5 1st grade classes the following year? In addition to the guaranteed kindergarten wait lists where do they find space as these kids move up?

  3. The reputation of the public schools in Tribeca and BPC has a big impact on property values.

    The wait-list issues are well known and have been going on for a number of years with no end in sight.

    One of the reasons families buy in Tribeca (at a premium) and BPC (pay $$$ in PILOT) is the ability to attend the public schools. If they don’t have a guaranteed spot in a good public school, then they are just not going to buy. It is just too big of a risk. Also, a friend of mine (with kids) did mention that there are very few private school options down here as an alternative.

    It will also be hard to rent your apartment, with the lack of certainty about where your kid will be going to school.

  4. and yet parents continue to buy apartments in Tribeca and BPC – areas known to already have overcrowded schools. Guess some parents really don’t care.

  5. These were the the numbers in 2011. I believe the situation is even worse than what was projected in that not only is Peck Slip full, they had a waitlist!

  6. Also, even though they only announced the possibility of moving PS 150 recently, the NY Foundling school was on the table back in 2011.