Seen & Heard: Cher!

••• Legendary legend Cher—I defy you not to bask in her eternal glow—is performing at the Heritage of Pride [a.k.a. gay pride] dance on Pier 26 on June 30.

••• Gary Graham appears to be doing some housecleaning: The brand’s summer sale, which I just added to the Summer Sale Report, offers up to 90% off, including past seasons. Starts Thursday, ends Saturday.

••• I was walking through SoSoHo yesterday when I noticed that a new F.S.C. Barber (Freemans Sporting Club) is opening on Crosby, somewhere between Saturdays and the new Bonobos store. Between all that and the new Carson Street Clothiers,  the street is turning into a mini men’s mall.

••• D. asked what happened to the LoMa Lights show that was supposed to start over Memorial Day weekend. I asked (twice) the city’s Economic Development Corporation, which was behind the project, but I haven’t heard back.

••• Responsible female looking for sublet in Tribeca start date Aug 1… Time frame and price negotiable. Currently living in Tribeca (loving it) and wanting to stay! Email Sponsored.

••• I saw something online that spelled the new Laotian restaurant coming to the old Duane Park space (from Marc Forgione & Co.) as Khe-Yo (and not Kio as it was previously). UPDATE: Confirmed that it’s Khe-Yo.

••• Next Thursday (June 27) at 6 p.m., Princess Katie and Racer Steve—I’d love to see those two swap their roles—are playing Washington Market Park (for free, of course).

••• I never realized that the Soho Grand has a public-looking [see comments] dog run on its northern side….

Soho Grand dog run




    Is it open to the public?

    Fact – Tribeca and Soho Grand are very pet friendly. I know you can take your dog to the bar at Tribeca Grand (and even order food). They may be still owned by the Hartz Mountain (of pet fame) company.

  2. I think Deborah Cox is performing at the Pier Dance as well! I think she is one the biggest underrated singers of Dance Music. Love Her! Cher’s going to steal all her thunder though. Poor Deborah! :-)

  3. @Strollerless: You’re right, it’s only for guests. A waste of space, if you ask me (and I have a dog).

  4. Too bad! I’d go with my dog too.