Seen & Heard: Blueberry Fusion Café

••• Any reports on Blueberry Fusion Café, on Church? I was surprised today to see that it also has the entrance to the south—nice to see something besides plywood painted black, although I wondered at first if some other business inside had made its debut.

••• The Bell Bates auction is Monday.

••• Battery Dance Company’s 32nd-annual Downtown Dance Festival is Aug. 11-15. You can expect “performances by Greece’s Chapter Two, Great Britain’s The Dance WE Made, Spain’s La Intrusa Danza, France’s Compagnie Vendetta Mathea, Indo-American Arts Council Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance, José Limón Dance Company, Dancing Earth, SLK Ballet, and host, Battery Dance Company.”

••• Metro Jewelers went from a closing sale to a grand (re?)opening sale.

••• Chugger season is on again, and it’s shaping up to be a bad one. Please don’t encourage these “charity muggers” by even being nice. You don’t have to be mean—although I reserve the right—but feel free to just shake your head at them, or wag a silent finger. (I’ve been known to make a cross with my hands, as if I’m scaring away vampires.) Just give to your favorite charities directly! Because when you donate via chuggers, the middleman takes a huge cut, and the chugger companies will only make our lives worse.

••• I only just realized that 1 World Trade Center has a cylindrical part on top. (Is that the observatory?) At the risk of insulting our national symbol of virility, it makes the building look (more) like a syringe.

1WTC 62113



  1. WTC1 holds the cure to smelly people on the subway.

  2. It’s not the observatory. I think the cylindrical layer cake will hold a lot of microwave and cell phone equipment.

  3. I don’t really understand the spire. It looks skeletal at this point. Will they be cladding it, or building out the structure to some extent? I have not seen a finished rendering.

  4. WTC is referring to the cylindrical structure as “communication rings”. They have been built up in layers and only now appear more like one structure due to the construction scrim that has recently been installed. I too am curious about the finished appearance of both this and the spire.

  5. The are some pictures of the finished design in the slide show here. It looks like the spire will be what it is now.

  6. That spire…if Ed Wood was still alive ,I would swear he designed it.