Summer in the Seaport

body_posterFirst, a friendly reminder that the sole New Amsterdam Market of the summer is tomorrow, Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The weather looks like it’s going to be perfect, so if you’ve never gone to the market, go! You’ll be supporting a very worthy cause while having a lovely time, to boot. (And if you already have gone, you know what a delight it is.) The list of vendors is particularly good.

New Amsterdam Market isn’t the only thing of note happening in the Seaport. A handful of businesses have reopened, the closure of Front Street is over, and the Howard Hughes Corp. has erected a village of food stalls and shops, mainly made with shipping containers. It’s called See/Change, and it’s meant to make up for so much of the South Street Seaport being closed (excluding Pier 17, but then I always exclude Pier 17).

I had been under the impression that there were going to be more than two shops in the shipping container complex, and the two that are there—It’Sugar and one whose name I don’t remember—seemed more for tourists. The former is mostly about candy (if you need a candy bra, you’re in luck), and the latter sells trinkets. Maybe that will change over time. It’Sugar is opening a permanent store across Fulton Street (where I was sad to see that Josh Bach appears not to be reopening, Bike and Roll having taken its place, at least for now).

Seaport SeeChangeSeaport ItSugarSeaport bike and rollBut where See/Change succeeds is in the food and beverage department. Above the shops is a bar run by the Smorgasbar folks; I didn’t go because it wasn’t even noon, but it looks like a fun spot to hang out, especially (for locals) on quieter nights, maybe Sunday through Tuesday. And around the corner on Front Street are a dozen food stalls, along with a lot of picnic tables. Families who can’t agree on what to eat for dinner will be in heaven.

Seaport SeeChange food stallsSeaport Blue MarbleSee/Change also includes an outdoor cinema, showing movies every few days. I might have thrown in a few more quirky choices—Cinema Paradiso, perhaps?—as opposed to movies that were widely popular when they first came out, but free is free. And is the The Aviator an homage to the Hughes Corp.’s founder? I suppose so. How awesome would it have been if they have shown Melvin and Howard instead?

Seaport SeeChange film screenSeaport SeeChange film slate


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  1. Also, the Fulton Stall Market is at the South Street Seaport. Open every Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm throughout the summer. Locally grown produce, handmade jewelry and art, fresh pasta and bread and other great items line the stalls on South street between Beekman & Fulton streets.