In the News: Broadway Reconstruction

••• A Tribeca business is delivering quality sass, according to the New York Times‘s “Metropolitan Diary.” Which reminds me of my visit to Blueberry Fusion Café this afternoon. When I asked what “nondairy frozen yogurt” meant, I was told, “It’s frozen yogurt without dairy in it.” [Turns and leaves.]

••• The Broadway reconstruction project—between Vesey and Rector—begins in July, and it promises to be hellacious. —Tribeca Trib

1WTC 62113••• The World’s Largest Syringe® is “in the midst of a bit of an identity crisis as it nears completion. While the development’s name was officially changed to One World Trade Center in 2009, many still refer to it as the Freedom Tower.” —Wall Street Journal

••• Like the movie Election? Then you should read this New York Times piece about the student election at Stuyvesant High School.

••• “About 6,000 bees make their home in Battery Park’s hives, which were rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy.” —DNAinfo

••• “Scary sale of small loft at 19 Hubert Street.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• Seven things blogger Nathan Chang has overheard in Tribeca. —The Comfy Corner

••• Street vendors “couldn’t sway the DOT to relocate a 40-bike station at Liberty Street and Broadway, where five food carts used to park and serve an office at 140 Broadway.” —New York Post


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