What’s Replacing Working Class

working classAs expected, the closing sale at Working Class Emporium went deeper: Almost everything is 60% off, and some Christmas-related and other stuff is 80% off. (The art and books are 30% off.) Whoever snapped up all the pug-shaped soap is going to have to answer to me.

What’s taking Working Class’s place at 168 Duane? The Armoury menswear store, which already has locations in London and Hong Kong. The Armoury brand encompasses both ready to wear and custom, from a multitude of companies (see below), and definitely leans toward the dressy.

Between J. Crew’s Ludlow Shop, ManuelRacim, and now this, the eastern part of Duane Park seems to be turning into menswear central.

UPDATE: I asked @jammy_sod, who cares about men’s fashion, what he made of the Armoury: “All I can tell you is what I’ve read & seen on menswear blogs: young founders w/impeccable taste opened perhaps the best menswear store in the world. They have taste as well as sartorial/historical knowledge that they use to buy & advise.”

Armoury brands

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