The Ludlow Shop
50 Hudson St.
(at Thomas)
Apparel (Men)

Even though Ludlow is the name of a successful line of J. Crew slim-fit suits, and the suiting is the star of the Ludlow Shop, the store carries far more—basically anything men might wear with said suit, from dress shirts to vivid socks. It’s the kind of stuff that was in the back of the Liquor Store, but now there’s elbow room—in fact the store is far more pleasant than the J. Crew men’s store in Soho. (The Liquor Store, meanwhile, will remain the weekend-y, right-brain half of J. Crew menswear.) As has been the company’s way in recent years, other brands are in the house—you might find Alden shoes, Corgi socks, Timex watches, Dodo iPad cases….