Seen & Heard: Smoking Banned in Hudson River Park

••• A close-up look at Pier 26’s restaurant.

••• A reader points out that the Hudson River Park rules now forbid smoking “in all public areas […]except as may be designated by the trust.” The idea was floated in September 2012, and that was the last I had heard of it, although the ban may have happened a while ago. Does this mean Pier 26 diners will have to walk across West Street (or at least to the median) to smoke? Also, good luck enforcing that during the Pier 26 concerts. UPDATE from HRP: “This was approved in January after a public review and comment period.”

WMP July 2013 Tennis Clinic••• Free tennis clinic at Washington Market Park on July 10. See flyer for details (and there will be another one August 10).

••• Listings for 449 Washington have shown up on StreetEasy: Penthouse, Maison, fourth floor, third floor.

••• From Keirnan at Weight Watchers: “We want to announce our new location at 65 Broadway. We had been at 160 Broadway and we moved to our new location about the time Sandy hit.”

••• From Downtown Dance Factory’s Hanne Larsen: “The parents & teachers (and flying principal!) at PS234 did a surprise Flash Mob for the kids at their recent graduation party. I choreographed it and we rehearsed three nights (in secret in the school gym) and surprised the kids on the day.”



  1. It sounds like HRP, which first tried to institute a smoking ban on its own, is talking about the smoking ban the state Office of Parks imposed that can encompass HRP which is under the state’s jurisdiction (the NYC park ban never applied to HRP). However, the full story is that there is a lawsuit currently pending in court to repeal the state Parks Dept. ban on the grounds they exceeded their authority. Next court date in July.

    Founder, NYC Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (C.L.A.S.H.)

  2. @Audrey – When outside, where do you put your cigarette butts after you’re done smoking? Seems like smokers find it perfectly acceptable just flick it in the street or on the sidewalk. Founder, NYC Citizens Against Smokers Throwing Litter Everywhere (C.A.S.T.L.E.)

  3. YES! Chair, NYC All Supporting Smithers (A.S.S.)

  4. What a great video of the 234 parents and teachers! Love it!

  5. I have to say, I got a little teary at the flash mob. Pretty cool thing for you guys to do for the kids.

  6. Jim Smithers, your bias is showing.

    A picture (with a few words) is worth a thousand words.

  7. What’s wrong with e-cigarettes? TRIBECA e-cigs:

    You can have your cancer and no litter/second-hand smoke for the rest of us.

  8. Oh, Audrey Silky Smooth, one has to be prepared when they clash with your smokey bias. I hope one day you have your DOMA moment, smokers deserve justice too. I let my daughter smoke, makes her look cool around her girlfriends AND helps her keep the weight off. You know how cruel 9 year olds can be to each other, don’t you, Audrey?

  9. That PS234 flash mob dance was delightful! thanks for sharing

  10. awesome flash dance!