Seen & Heard: Flywheel Getting Close

••• Flywheel Sports should be opening soon (at Greenwich and Hubert), because someone tweeted about taking a preview class there.

••• From NotifyNYC: “Tonight, July 4th, in addition to fireworks displays, NYPD Aviation Unit helicopters will fly in formation over the Hudson River between the Verrazano Bridge (Brooklyn/Staten Island) and Pier 86 (Manhattan).”

••• Bob had a good idea regarding the proposal to criminalize the purchase of counterfeit goods: “Instead of fining tourists why not change the law to make possession of counterfeit goods the offense not the transaction itself? It is surely the sellers we want to shut down, not the tourists who will probably leave the country and not pay the fine anyway.”

••• Anyone know who owns 1 White Street? A broker emailed saying a client might be interested in it.

where in tribeca hexagon 51313••• Speaking of White Street, I posted the answer to last week’s Where in Tribeca…? (that’s the stumper pictured at left).

••• There’s a new bar, lounge, and nightclub in Fort Worth called… TriBeCa.


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