Flywheel Sports Is Coming to Tribeca

courtesy Flywheel SportsFlywheel SportsLooks like SoulCycle is getting some serious competition: Flywheel Sports, the other major player in indoor cycling, announced on Facebook that it’s opening a studio in Tribeca this fall. (As you can see from the graphic, there are seven other new studios coming along with it.) I’m working on finding out exactly where: Church and Park Place? The old Bell Bates space? Where ExerBlast currently is? Varick and Franklin? Capsouto Frères? (Probably not.)

Any other guesses?

UPDATE: Flywheel won’t say yet, but see the comments. Tribeca Summit (415 Greenwich) does indeed seem likely, and the northeast corner of Hubert has been papered for a while.

UPDATE #2: Flywheel confirmed 415 Greenwich for Well + Good’s post.

415 Greenwich

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  1. Greenwich and Hubert

  2. Residents in Chinatown have found their own alternative. My husband says he sees people on parked Citibikes back peddling and using them as stationary bikes.

  3. Rumor has it is going to Greenwich Street and Laight Streets – the south east corner.

  4. @Kerry

    Must be the mortgage backed security people ;)

  5. Flywheel is more technical and bio monitor/feedback based (hello traders) whereas soul cycle is more about letting yourself go and following the rhythm and tempo of the music.
    Different strokes for different folks – Have tried them both and much preferred soul cycle for myself.

  6. Actually SoulCycle is more about performing every contraindicated movement every created on a Spin bike. Yup, that would be those movement you learn when you become a certified instructor. Oh, that’s right…. SoulCycle made up their own certification that is not recognized anywhere else in the fitness world. Yes, that is correct. A SoulCycle instructor can not teach anywhere else in the world, unless they go out and get a real certification. Usually you get what you pay for, but in SoulCycle’s case, you get far less than what you pay for, but a lot more orthopedic surgeries than you bargained for.