Nish Nush Is Working on a New Sibling

Mimis cafeThe other day I teased that something interesting was coming to the old Mimi’s Café space at the southeast corner of Church and Reade. I had noticed that the “for rent” signs were down, so when I was at Nish Nush yesterday, enjoying a delicious falafel plate, I asked owner Eyal Hen if he knew who had taken the space cater-corner across the intersection. “I took it,” he said, asking me not to say anything more just yet. So I kept my lips almost entirely sealed.

It never even occurred to me that he might have told others about his plans, so imagine my surprise when C Paris floated the possibility that it could be “Nish Noosh’s new vegan/juice bar place.” Eyal confirmed that that is indeed the direction the new establishment will be taking.

Sorry for breaking this too soon, Eyal! But I know people will be excited about it—especially those of us who live in southeast Tribeca, which hadn’t exactly been a luncher’s paradise.

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