A French Bistro Is Opening on Chambers

Those of us who thought that the liquor application for 94 Chambers would be part of the fast-casual creep (as I did) or maybe another Wisconsinish bar (as you may have, since the applicant was Racines NY), were in for a most delightful shock last night at the meeting of Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee. Racines is evidently a well-known, much-loved bistrot à vin (there are two, actually) in Paris, and it has chosen our very own Chambers Street—between Church and Broadway, no less, in the space currently occupied by the Sunny One Chinese restaurant—for a U.S. outpost. Of course, there’s good reason for that: David Lillie of Chambers Street Wines is one of the folks involved in the project. If you remember, he has long talked about opening a wine bar in the area.

The other partner, Arnaud Tronche, said last night that the lease isn’t yet signed (so cross your fingers, southeast Tribecans), and that Racines NY will initially be open seven days for dinner and weekdays for lunch. The place will be tiny, with 35 seats in the dining area and 10 in the bar, and the menu limited (three appetizers, three entrées, three desserts). The CB1 meeting was noisy, but I think he said that Philippe Starck is designing the space (which makes sense, it turns out, since Starck did the one in the 1st arrondissement—although the design elements page below looks very non-Starck. UPDATE: No Starck involvement.). I neglected to ask about it later in the hallway because I was still shell-shocked; this is the best thing to happen to southeast Tribeca in distant memory. They’re hoping, perhaps not realistically, to open by November.

Racines NY design elements Racines NY floorplan Racines NY menu1 Racines NY menu2



  1. Oh please, oh please, oh please!

  2. Prayers answered !

  3. Excellent news. I really hope it happens. Would be wonderful to have a place like this here.

  4. Can’t wait !!!

  5. Yeah!!!! So excited!!!

  6. Will be the best in town!

  7. BRAVO !!!

  8. fantastique! yes, this has been a zombie location since Pre-Sunny One. I feel terrible for the predecessors and their unprofitable locations but some upscaling likely fits the evening clientele better. pray it comes to fruition!

  9. Arnaud and David have great taste in wine, and a good sense of value. I have high hopes.

  10. Having the chance to have dinner at the 2 Racines locations in Paris, I can only be unpatient to try the NYC baby as soon as possible!