In the News: 9/11 Memorial Security Screening to End Next Year

••• “The fences will come down and the airport-like security screening will end next year, allowing free access to the World Trade Center site’s eight-acre 9/11 Memorial Plaza. That’s what Joe Daniels, president and CEO of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, says. […] The museum is expected to open sometime next spring, but a date is yet to be set.” How long till the NYPD says the security screening isn’t ending anytime soon?…. —Tribeca Trib

••• Marc Forgione’s Laotian restaurant, Khe-Yo, opens July 22. —Time Out (photo by Jessica Lin, courtesy Time Out)

••• Nine Frenchmen working on a 19th-century carousel for Governors Island—it opens Saturday as part of something called Fête Paradiso—have been “bunking together in rented apartments in Tribeca and the East Village.” —The New York Times

••• Franklin Place (the condo, not the street) is said to be “more than 80 percent sold, with 44 of the 53 units gone.” —Curbed

••• The Broadsheet looks at the history of Collect Pond.

••• A video of FiDi street style. I didn’t watch it (the kids at the start were too much), so no clue what’s in it. —Refinery29 (via Racked)

••• “Last night, SHoP Architects and Ken Smith Workshop returned to the Parks subcommittee of Community Board 3 to present the updated schematics for ‘Package 4’ of the East River esplanade. The team had first presented their vision exactly one year ago, so this session was meant to gather additional feedback within a 45-day grace period before heading to City Planning for final approval. Package 4 encompasses the East River coastline running between Catherine and Pike Slip.” —Bowery Boogie (via Curbed)

••• The 7-Eleven on John opened yesterday. —Downtown Lunch

••• Can we just talk for a second about how desperate the Daily News has gotten?

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  1. I am confused as to what to be the most concerned about: Will the proposed Bloomberg’s Scandonavian-River-preventa-flood-gate withstand the impending “Sharknado?” Will the Wiener/Spitzer Balls-in-your-Face be the Balls-iests retake of NYC government since….? Or will the wealthiest (Bloomberg, Novogratz, etc) among us choose to do what is right for the themselves OR for a park OR for the majority of working class families of NYC? Sweeeeet JEEEEZUS, since 1776, and we are still trying to make democracy work for ALL of us and not just the Hedge-fundies, DeNiro’s, Klum’s and D-listy Bethanny Frankel’s. Why do we care about these idiotic people? They clog up our sidewalks and, by the way, they couldn’t defuse a nuclear bomb or prepare a proper guacamole or pico de gallo spread. These humanless, selfish paparazzi create their “relevance” to our severe detriment. Egypt’s democracy is no farther along than our U.S. Congress or our supermarket tabloids. And CB1 is no farther along than the original keepers of the Five Points. We can land a man on the moon, but we can’t keep the West Side Highway medians clean….Hi-larious! Not!

  2. Smithers for Mayor!