Seen & Heard: Making the AT&T Long Lines Building Disappear

56 Leonard rendering••• I was walking my parents up Church when we passed 56 Leonard, so I pointed out the rendering to them. As I was looking at it, I marveled at how it made the AT&T Long Lines Building disappear. (I thought it must be directly behind 56 Leonard, but I now think that that might be it between 56 Leonard and the Woolworth Building…? Kind of where City Hall Park is?)

••• Thanks to Aileen of Bikini Bar for giving me this excellent print when I stopped by yesterday.

••• Otte is having a sale.

••• The sales office for the Leonard—it’s inside the building, which is at the northeast corner of Broadway—looks ready to open.

••• From T.: “I am a Tribeca Citizen junkie. My autistic 4-year-old daughter’s school [Manhattan Children’s Center] is having an online auction with some great stuff. Wanted to know if you would mention it.” Details are here—note the autographed Lil Wayne poster!

••• Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Sterling Mason folks hired a local Tribeca artist—perhaps one who is famous for having his way with construction fences—to janz jazz up the site? Then again, he might just wander over one night and do it for free….

Sterling Mason fence



  1. Love the Bikini Bar print! What do you think of their tiki coffee drinks? I really like them! I’ve never had anything like them involving coffee before. Tasty+different=good.

  2. The AT&T building is on Church between Woprth and Thomas.