Seen & Heard: 93 Worth’s Topper Revealed

••• 93 Worth’s rooftop addition has been unveiled. I only had my phone with me, so the photo isn’t so hot.

••• Not even one guess for this week’s Where in Tribeca…? I bet many of you have walked by it hundreds of times.

••• From the LMCCC: “This week, the city put the final touches on the new Water Street corridor streetscape. The roadway redesign stretches one half-mile, from Fulton to Broad Streets, and boosts pedestrian safety, revises traffic-lane markings, and forms new, greener public plazas. In addition to the colorful new pavement graphics, two of the most notable improvements include opening of Gouverneur Lane and Coenties Slip as the newest public spaces downtown. […] The DOT also plans to install 27 additional, distinctive Lower Manhattan street lamps along the corridor in coming months.”

••• From the reader who goes by Hudson River: “Reliable Source sez Morton’s steakhouse is open at 90 West. Also Bill’s Bar & Burger in the Marriott is close. I saw a staff meeting in there yesterday, and the tables are set. Reliable Source sez he saw a sign that said opening Monday, but then it was gone when he walked by again.” (Eater confirms it’s Monday.)

••• See below for Brookfield Place news.

Brookfield Place tweet


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  1. I have to say that I’m generally not a fan of putting funny hats on buildings, and in particular the way it’s practiced in our neighborhood. But I think this is a very handsome, balanced-looking addition that scales nicely from what’s immediately below. I’ll have to see it IRL, but your picture favors it.