More Furniture on Walker

David Weeks Studio logoTwo weeks ago, news broke that an Austrian (and beyond) furniture (and more) store, Stillfried Wien, is opening at 40 Walker. Now comes word that it’ll have an appropriate next-door neighbor: “David Weeks Studio, a lighting and furniture design company, recently signed a 10-year lease for 2,400 square feet at 38 Walker St.,” reports Crain’s. (That was most recently the home of Archipelago.) “For Dumbo, Brooklyn-based David Weeks, which sells at a handful of furniture showrooms around the country, this is the company’s first store in Manhattan. The new shop is expected to open in August.” [Update: The word from Weeks’s PR is that the date is actually October.]

Weeks’s website doesn’t have an “about” page, but it did have this: “David Weeks Studio designs lighting, furniture, as well as clever and functional household objects. Fluid, seductive forms and balanced movements inform the many products designed by Weeks. Whether it’s architectural lighting, tabletop products or children’s toys, one constant has remained: Weeks is resolutely committed to peerless craftsmanship and democratic design.”

Here are some of the products that caught my eye. (Directly below: “The Rod Laver Gaming Chair […] It’s the most comfortable chair for playing Grand Theft Auto.” All the names and descriptions are rather fun to read.) More when it opens, of course…. In the meantime, the northeast Tribeca blocks between Church and Broadway are shaping up to be the neighborhood’s creative heart.

(That last one is the Sing Sing Tray, “an exact replica” of what you’d find in the prison.)


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  1. I love the rhino! That is simply awesome. Is there anywhere to get it online?