In the News: Ponte’s Is Closed

••• The updated Community Board 1 agendas include this for the Quality of Life Committee on Thursday: “22 Thames Street construction project – Update by Rafael Viñoly Architects and  Michael Sillerman, Esq., Kramer Levin.” I think this is news: From what I can tell—there’s nothing on his firm’s website—no one knew that Viñoly was doing the design. FYI, at the same meeting: “Events on Pier 26 – Discussion with Hudson River Park Trust and Heritage of Pride.” If you thought the Gay Pride dance was too loud, you should go and say so. Click the link at top for meeting info. (I did ask Rafael Viñoly Architects, and communications director Raymond Lee responded: “Thank you for your interest in Rafael Viñoly Architects. In regards to your question: we have no comment at this time.”)

Ponte 31411••• “A savvy tipster noticed [Ponte’s] was closed, and a message on the resto’s website says that it’s shuttered ‘for an indefinite period of time’ for ‘extensive renovation and remodeling plans.’ The message hints that a relocation ins in the cards, and a call to the restaurant finds that the team is pondering next steps—hey own buildings nearby so may end up packing up, but could reopen at the current location after a renovation.” —Zagat

••• The new 7-Eleven in FiDi has “touch-screen ordering, free Wi-Fi, a huge flat-screen TV and even an Amazon Locker.” —DNAinfo

••• Eater profiles Celso Reyes, “a weekday line cook at Square Diner in Tribeca, a position he’s held down for almost 16 years now.”


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  1. The events which took place on gay pride weekend struck fear for the future of Pier 26 into nearby residents. We, all my neighbors are firm supporters on gay rights/marriage rights, incidentally thought the sound system was CRAZY loud. It doesn’t seem to occur to organizers that anyone actually LIVES near these piers. BUT WE DO. We support, and many of us have worked diligently for, gay rights. BUT–do we have to give up rights to a habitable apartment because of the public events? Nona Costello