Seen & Heard: Plans for Church Street Wine Bar Nixed

untied••• My attention has been drawn to Masculine Manhattan, David Edralin’s entertaining street-style blog with a number of Tribeca posts, including the one above.

279-church••• This is a shame: Paolo Meregalli, who had been planning to open the Mulino a Vino restaurant and wine bar at 279 Church, tells me that he’s had to punt on the location. (The landlord hasn’t kept us his side of the bargain.) Paolo says he’s working on a new spot in the Meatpacking District.

••• Surely someone must know which school is taking over the Bell Bates space on Reade. I hear it’s a kindergarten….?

••• Just realized that I never revealed the answer for last week’s “Where in Tribeca…?” Nathan R got the general vicinity—it is indeed in the 1/2/3 Chambers subway stop. The answer is here.

••• An ad agency called Ghiblimedia—it’s site doesn’t work—is shooting on/near Duane on Friday. And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie is shooting around here again (look for flyers mentioning “4 Square”).

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  1. I realize that the Seaport is still struggling, but have you seen the West Side Highway medians? Horrorfying! And…AND…did you realize that Christine Quinn couldn’t get any medical attention for her intern that fainted? Even after calling the Police & Fire Commissioner?! Just think if she was mayor, she would have rolled every Fire Company and the Hercules teams in Brooklyn to get old Mrs. DelVecchio’s cat out of the tree. Priorities, people.