Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments. (Thanks to Jamie for suggesting it!) And remember: You can see previous “Where in Tribeca…?” photos at pinterest.com/tribecacitizen/where-in-tribeca/ (just click on each photo twice to see the answer).

where in tribeca fresh sangria 71613Update: Congratulations to Michael Eck! It is indeed outside Petrarca. We’ll play again next Friday.

where in tribeca fresh sangria answer



  1. Flor De Sol on Greenwich Street?

  2. This is Petrarca’s summertime, sangria sign. Leo (the owner) likes to keep his guest fully hydrated in this heat.

  3. Petrarca on White and Church.

  4. @Alan: I think you were guessing right as I was approving Michael’s comment.