“Lightness of Being” at City Hall Park

There’s a new sculpture exhibit, organized by the Public Art Fund, at City Hall Park: “‘Lightness of Being’ is a new group exhibition featuring a multigenerational, international group of 11 artists whose work displays a playful and irreverent attitude toward the formal ideals of classical sculpture.” It’s up  through Dec. 13. And it includes an element of performance—that’s the clown you’ll see below: “Ugo Rondinone presents ‘dog days are over,’ a performance drawn from his well-known series of clown sculptures and featuring a new character developed in partnership with fashion designer Victoria Bartlett. With a prominent belly, painted face, and oversize shoes, the contemplative, yet larger than life figure, becomes a stand-in for a modern day shaman. Performances are presented at different locations around the fountain, Fridays 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., weather permitting.” But it’d be so much more poignant in a thunderstorm! Anyway, here’s the art, presented in order of least interesting to most interesting, all in my opinion, of course. Drift over to see the artist’s name.

P.S. Is that giant gourd going to get straddled or what? There are actually two; their names are “Florian” and “Kevin.”



  1. Why does BPC always get the shittiest street art?

  2. Revision: not BPC obviously, but still…