Seen & Heard: A Missing Piece in Possible Ponte Development

••• Remember how I had heard that Ponte’s restaurant closed because it was going to be developed, and then I wondered whether the entire block—West to Washington, Desbrosses to Vestry—was going to get turned into something? A reader who lives nearby said that Corice Arman owns 428-430 Washington, so Ponte Equities (and/or its partners) would have to either develop around the building or persuade her to sell. Or maybe Ponte will just do something with the northern or western half of the block?

••• Look who’s back in the neighborhood: Carl’s Steaks. Its truck tweeted: “Mixing it up today in Tribeca at Murray and Greenwich from 11:3-3 come by. Free soda with cheesesteak.”

••• From the LMCCC: “The next four weekends will bring full closures to Franklin Street, between Hudson and Varick. The roadway will be closed both Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., starting July 27 through August 18. Con Edison crews will replace a gas main under the roadbed, in conjunction with the city’s Hudson Street Trunk Main project.”

••• From Brookfield Place: “The corridor btw 200 & 250 Vesey St. on the Ground Level is closed & will reopen the week of 8/5.”

••• In light of my accepting a comped dinner at Tribeca Canvas, Michael emailed to ask whether I’d consider adding a tip jar so readers can donate to the site. “I used to have a tip jar,” I replied, “and people did occasionally contribute.” It  never ceased to delight me! “But as I pushed harder to sell ads (and started getting them), it was difficult for me to justify asking readers to give money. What would be helpful is that you mention Tribeca Citizen to local businesses and to anyone else you know who might like reading it. And of course please always do support the businesses and organizations that support this site.”


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  1. Hi Erik,

    A tale of two families?

    Ironic that Arman is standing in the way of a potential Ponte full block development.

    Have voiced my opinion about the rather unique ugliness of Truffles development more than a few times – Frankly It looks like it was airdropped here from the old USSR except back in the USSR they actually took the trouble to paint their buildings in hopes of hiding the ugliness!

    Arman by contrast has done a pretty beautiful job of developing the old Arman Studio lot into 482 Greenwich – incorporating many of the charming details in our neighborhood which keep attracting new residents to it.

    There is a lesson in there somewhere…