The Paintings of Bruce Paly

Hudson Street Sunset, 2010

“I do love the quiet beauty of Tribeca’s urban landscape,” said Bruce Paly when I asked what he’s drawn to when he goes about painting Tribeca. “It was one of the reasons I moved here years ago. Like many artists, I labor to find such grace in the ordinary.” A resident for 25 years, Paly is a dentist when he’s not painting. These lovely, evocative works are all oil on linen, and the images are all much larger than you see here, so click away.

North Moore Street at Dawn, 2008

Canal Street Erhu Player, 2009

Pier 40, 2007

Afternoon Prayers, 2007

Franklin Street Warehouse, 2006

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  1. beautiful! are these on display somewhere in the neighborhood?

  2. I LOVE them all!

  3. Bruce Paly is such an amazing artist!
    He captures mood and light so beautifully.

  4. His command of color is startling. He accurately reproduces the tones along with qualities I didn’t think were quite communicable. So familiar and intimate.

  5. Beautiful. Thanks for posting these.

  6. Bruce is a modern day Renaissance
    A superb painter,sculptor and a damn
    Good dentist to boot!!!

  7. Great paintings Bruce !!

  8. Bruce I’m so taken back,Fantastic! But Iwould like to know we’re my dentist is located Adam

  9. Idid

  10. I know Bruce wouldn’t want me to mention this, but his painting of my bicuspids showered in the setting sun of an Indian Summer in Tribeca is just remarkable.

  11. Bravo, Bruce. These are beautiful!

  12. Bruce

    Very nice! It’s great to see a number of pieces together…good grouping. You’ve captured Tribeca and the city very well.

  13. Bruce Paly’s paintings are stunning. Check out his also unique and beautiful sculptures at They are amazing sculptures made with bicycles – Glad he is getting some recognition.

  14. They have a kind of Hopperesque feeling. Quiet and capturing the essence of Tribeca.

  15. It is very exciting to see the paintings of Bruce Paly possibly begin to get the attention that they deserve. As a close observer and resident of Tribeca during a period of phenomenal development, Bruce has captured some of the fleeting street views, displays of light, construction and color to memorable effect. As another long term resident of the neighborhood, the record of what has been replaced begins to merge in fondness with the view off sunset light on the river bouncing down the cobbled streets. Bruce Paly has sustained his practice of capturing these moments of illumination, aspiration and time and is the consummate painter of record for the Tribeca neighborhood. His work should be widely collected for the steady and continuing appreciation that it demonstrates and gives back. Bravo! More

  16. Hi Bruce, Not only are you a talented dentist, but you work magic with a paint brush. Your work should be in a show, if not in a museum. love connie and ben