In the News: Jack’s Stir Brew Hoping for September Reopening

••• The chief sponsor of the next Tribeca Film Festival will be AT&T, not American Express. But: “American Express would continue to provide its cardholders with early access to tickets.” Also, next year’s dates are April 16-27. —New York  Times

••• “22 Warren Street penthouse loft sells 6% above ask with 3 terraces, only 2 bedrooms.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “Jack Mazzola, who owns Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee at 222 Front, said he hopes to reopen at the end of September.” From an article about the rebounding Seaport. —Wall Street Journal

••• “A new South Street bike rental shop is offering monthly and annual share plans.” —DNAinfo

••• Oren’s Daily Roast (a coffee house) has opened at William and Fulton. —Downtown Lunch

••• A very cute drawing of Tribeca rooftops, from Amelie Persson’s 40 Days 40 Postcards blog.



  1. For those who don’t know (perhaps aren’t old enough) before around 1998 or so it was almost impossible to get great coffee in NYC. A few restaurants made an effort, but so-called “coffee houses”, for which lower Manhattan was supposedly famous, prepared haphazardly at best. Starbucks definitely raised awareness, no matter what you think of them. But I don’t think they were in NYC before 1999-2000.

    Meanwhile, there _were_ coffee fanatics. We’d buy the best we could find at McNulty’s, Zabars, Dean and DeLuca, but even they weren’t quite consistent. Coffee lovers had a singular champion in Oren Bloostein, who was selling carefully chosen and roasted single-origin coffees from the mid-eighties, and has never compromised his standards.

    I’m absolutely thrilled that he’s in the neighborhood!

  2. @ David, what about Porto Rico Importing Company on Bleeker? That has been in business in that same building for over 100 years… ( same family as well)

  3. I’m not a fan of Porto Rico’s product, I’m afraid. Back in the 70’s, when Peter (don’t remember his last name) was running the place himself, I was a customer. But sometime in the 80’s he ceded management, I think. Every now and then I’ve given their coffee a try, but have been disappointed. Nice people though.

    Today I visited the new Oren’s and got a cup of delicious Colombian iced, compliments of the house – their way to say hi to the neighborhood. It’s just my opinion, of course, but I think their single origin coffees are among the best available anywhere.