Inside the New Dog Run

I’m still out of town so I asked readers to send in photos of the new dog run at Pier 26. The one above is from Mitch, who had this to say: “Best feature: water fountains. The new benches for the humankind were very nice. There’s even a small grassy/shrubby area for the dogs to play on.”

Jessica, meanwhile, sent in these photos:

The website Dogspin also has a write-up and photos, including this one:

pier-26-tribeca-dog-run by DogspinUpdate: Kerri sent in a few more photos:

Pier 26 dog run4 by Kerri Pier 26 dog run1 by Kerri Pier 26 dog run3 by Kerri Pier 26 dog run24 by Kerri



  1. The new park is fantastic. My only complaint is the handles on the gates. It’s like they’re designed to cut you every time you try and use them. Ouch!

  2. Can’t wait to get back to NYC & take Soda to the new dog back !!!!

  3. Agree with David, the designer of both gate handles needs to consider their lack of usability? Also, the width of the fence is not designed to contain small dogs… they’re are able to climb out of the run!

  4. Perhaps Hudson River Park should consider adding a $15 water hose to enable dog owners to hose down the cement surface that will keep the dog run clean?

    Look how tidy North End dog run is since residents installed a water hose (just south of Stuyvesant HS).