In the News: Rebirth of Greenwich Street

sky memory installation courtesy NHK••• “Something remarkable is happening where Greenwich Street used to run through the World Trade Center site. It is becoming Greenwich Street again. For the first time since reconstruction of the trade center began, a New York City streetscape is taking form. There are sidewalks and curbs, oak trees and honey locusts, street lamps and pigeons. And, as on any street near high-risk targets, there are also ranks of heavily reinforced posts, or bollards.” Plus: “‘Sky Memory,’ a delicate, 98-foot-diameter titanium arc by the sculptor Kozo Nishino, of Kyoto, Japan,” has been installed in the lobby of 4 World Trade. —New York Times (photo courtesy NHK)

••• “Workers digging in the Financial District last week unearthed a trove of liquor bottles more than 200 years old—some still intact and corked—underneath a 15-foot stretch of Fulton Street at the corner of Titanic Park and Water Street.” —DNAinfo

••• “It is hard to blame StreetEasy too much for the sheer irrationality of the apparent listing history of the recently sold ‘1,525 sq ft’ Manhattan loft two flights up at #3R at 1 Worth Street. Yes, the loft was listed for sale in 2011 and again in 2012 (the first link, above) at $1.495mm and $1.695mm, and yes, it did just sell on June 26 at $1.26mm, and yes, there is an active listing at $1.795mm on the brokerage firm’s website if you click through the ‘2012’ listing on StreetEasy. The short story that most interests me is that the next-door neighbor bought the loft in pretty primitive condition (‘[b]ring your vision and your architect’) after it failed in the public market, at a price well below the former asking prices; the longer story, explained further below, is that he only wanted a piece of it, and will eventually resell the remainder after it is all dressed up.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, who has railed against the City Council for doling out ‘member items’ to curry political favor, had no problem shelling out similar grants when he headed the Battery Park City Authority.” —New York Post

••• Well + Good visits the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s FiDi gym, busts a few heads. Part of that last sentence is not true.

••• “On Saturday, the Skyscraper Museum will host the program ‘Woolworth’s Gargoyles’ to highlight its ‘Woolworth Building @ 100’ exhibit. Afterward, there will be a workshop inviting visitors to make their own gargoyles from modeling clay.” —Design Hunting

••• Downtown Lunch visits Akimoto Sushi on Church.

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