Seen & Heard: Tenant for the ExerBlast Space

••• From Will Suarez, director of retail leasing at Massey Knakal: “The former Exerblast space has been leased by Rogers Marvel Architects. Prior to Exerblast the tenant was Grimshaw Architects who were the ones that designed and built out the space that Exerblast inherited and occupied for the last three years. The landlord is very happy to have the space returned to a professional office use rather that more traditional retail.” I went to the Rogers Marvel website, only to see that as of last week, it has split into Rogers Partners and Marvel Architects. Rogers is the one moving to 100 Reade; presumably, Marvel is staying at 145 Hudson.

••• The DOT has indeed been fiddling with the traffic signal at W. Broadway/Varick and Leonard: While Varick gets a green, W. Broadway gets a red, and then vice versa—and the pedestrians get a really long time to cross. (This may have happened a while ago; I only noticed it because I was in a car.)

••• The debate over whether artist Arne Svenson should have taken photos of his neighbors raged on in the comments on the post over the dismissal, but the photographic community sure is on his side: The post has 600 “likes” so far—I think because it got picked up by a trade site. Note how I resisted the temptation to run one of the photos again….

••• A serious renovation is underway at 376 Broadway, where the David Z shoe store was. I never realized the store has windows on three sides (until I peeked in today).

••• From Jehangir Mehta: “As part of the Global New Year Dinner Series, we will be celebrating the Shenshai Parsi New Year by offering a four course tasting dinner on Saturday August 17 at Mehtaphor. Parsis, are a small community in India around 70,000 people who follow the Zoroastrian religion. These Zoroastrians migrated from Persia to India during the Muslim conquest, and through the years retained their unique identity. As a Parsi, I would be delighted if you can join me on this special day to taste and sample my cultural cuisine, one that bridges the gap between ancient Persia and modern India.” The four-coure meal is $45, plus tax and tip.

••• Still no guesses on last week’s Where in Tribeca…?

••• An interesting exhibition opens at Hotel Particulier tomorrow evening.

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