Palmicide at the Winter Garden

This came in last night from the reader known as Hudson River: “Brookfield is taking the palm trees out of the Winter Garden—four of them were gone a little while ago. It is nauseating to see the fronds being lopped off and the trunks cut up and hauled off. Did you know about this? They’re also putting up scaffolding (I guess) on the staircase.”

I did not know—Brookfield has played its cards pretty close to its chest (does anyone have any idea how the staircase will end up looking?)—but I’ll head over soon to see what I can see. In the meantime, if you walk by and spot anything, please send me a photo at or 917-209-6473.

UPDATE: While the palm trees are indeed being removed, it’s not quite the tragedy it appeared to be. Here’s the sign that’s in front of the trees. (The short version: The trees are old and too tall so they’re being replaced with new ones; the old ones will be “mulched and used as fodder for serenity gardens at local hospitals.”)

Winter Garden palm tree signWInter Garden 81413



  1. I hope Palmicide includes jail time.
    This is outrageous.
    I am trying to believe that the trees became diseased and will be replaced; but frankly, with Brookfield’s record, I am having trouble believing myself.

  2. I was first in shock myself but it turns out that the Palm grew to big and were a danger to tip over, they will be donated to charity and new smaller once will be brought in soon. I know it is heartbreaking to see the giants go, but they did not want to risk any accidents to happen.

  3. Manon is right — will add update shortly!

  4. Thanks Manon and Erik for the good news!
    I love happy endings.

  5. These trees grow 25m to 30m – I.e. almost 100′ tall!
    Not ideal for a glassed in enclosure with height restrictions.

    Perhaps they should think of something else to use instead?

    ::::: thinking of 16 palm trees shaking and chanting serenity now… Serenity now :::::::: :)

  6. They were all being held up by wires from the ceiling.

  7. What a strange thing to do: plant trees that you know will outgrow the space; cut them down when they do outgrow it; and then plant more of the same. That’s some pretty lame landscaping. And it’s a sad end for sixteen healthy creatures that brought so much grace and pleasure to the Winter Garden. Did the Brookfield managers ever consider trying ANOTHER TREE SPECIES this time around, one that wouldn’t grow so tall? I’m amazed that BPC residents, normally so involved in what happens in this space, didn’t object more vociferously.