In the News: 63-Story Tower Back from the Dead

••• “After years of delay, veteran developer Francis Greenburger has secured financing that will enable him to move forward with a Helmut Jahn-designed downtown Manhattan tower [resurrecting] a 63-story residential project at 50 West St. that will overlook Battery Park and the Hudson River. […] Time Equities originally planned for the building to include a hotel but opted against that because it would have been more difficult to finance.” —Wall Street Journal

••• The New York Times does a version of this story from May about Broadway’s residential boom between Canal and Worth; I got quoted as saying people refer to it as ChiBeCa, which I’m sure I said with a smirk. Of note: The piece says that the Franklin Place development is being called the Franklin (its website says otherwise); the new condo at 372 Broadway will be renamed 6 Cortlandt Alley (because the entrance is on the alley); the plans for 396 Broadway (southeast corner of Lispenard) are on hold, and instead the building is on the market for $37 million.

••• “This month, [Tracy Anderson will] launch a treadmill-like contraption with a built-in obstacle course called the Men’s High-Intensity Machine at two of her four gyms (in California and New York), and she’ll follow up in early 2014 with a manly fitness DVD.” —Details

••• Bikes got stolen. —Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter

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