Plein Sud Is Gone

plein-sud-by-tribeca-citizen1It had struck me as a little odd that Plein Sud would close for renovations with no outgoing message on its phone line, and sure enough, that’s because Plein Sud has closed for good.

Smyth manager Kevin Barnes says that the hotel is looking for another third-party vendor (Plein Sud had been run by Frederick Lesort), including restaurateurs outside New York City. “We want it to be a destination restaurant,” he says. “When our friends get done with water-pipe project, it’s going to be a fantastic location.”

In the interim, Julie Farias, an executive chef working with Thompson Hotels, is onboard to take care of guests; the dining room will temporarily be known as the Restaurant at Smyth. The hotel is doing a robust continental breakfast now (for guests only), and starting next week, it’ll likely begin testing a full breakfast menu (open to non-guests, too). The week after that, the plan is to start testing an all-day menu. “It’ll be very healthy and organic, playing off of Tribeca,” says Barnes.

Smyth will also take over the lobby bar, which had been run as part of Plein Sud—and which has always had such potential. “We’re hiring cocktail servers and bartenders,” says Barnes. “We’re getting closer to where we need to be.”

Toro Lounge, downstairs, is also kaput. “As with the kitchen, we’re about to spend a good chunk of change getting the cellar space up to a comfortable environment.” Unlike the restaurant, Smyth doesn’t plan on reopening it in the interim, except possibly for private events beginning in October. “We expect the restaurateur coming in will want to use it for private dining and flex space,” says Barnes.



  1. Sad to see another change but the restaurant had more potential than Plein Sud was delivering.

    Change is good – no?

  2. We went several times (we live on that block) but it always disappointed. I’m hoping for a better place opening there – the location is certainly central enough!

  3. And the nearby food cart they tried to evict when they first opened is . . . still there! Think I’ll get myself a coffee there on the way to work today.