The Keith McNally Rumor Takes a Step Forward

Eater moves the Keith-McNally-at-5-Beekman rumor forward one step with this: “Industry sources whisper that Sir Keith is working on a new restaurant that won’t be French like Balthazar, or Italian like Pulino’s, but rather an establishment focusing on steaks, chops, and other grilled meats.” Wouldn’t that make it like Minetta Tavern? “Word on the street is that McNally has also worked out a deal with his landlord at Balthazar, so that restaurant is safe for now.”

While the news that it’ll be carnicentric is disappointing—FiDi is not hurting for meat—this is still good news for an area with little in the way of good food.

By the way, does anyone know what’s happening across Beekman? The storefront at the corner of Beekman and Nassau has been boarded up for a while.



  1. A perfect compliment to the Dennys coming around the corner!

  2. i’ve heard ‘political coffee shop’ from several different folks.

  3. The plywood is down and the storefront has been cleaned up. Still has the two street doors. Interior work seems to be just starting, but it’s not clear what it will be. And not even Antonella, owner of the salon next door, knows what it will be. My guess is probably not a food business, as there is already a Starsucks on the Beekman Street/Park Row corner of the building, and there’s still the empty former pizzeria running block-through from Park Row to Nassau Street. Which means probably not yet another 7-Eleven, of which you snobby Tribecans have so many west of Broadway.

  4. “you snobby Tribecans…” SMH

  5. F Suzanne.