In the News: The Tribeca Grand’s New Ground-Floor Nightclub

205 hudson retail space••• A profile of Hunter College president Jennifer J. Raab says that the Hunter offshoot at Canal and Hudson will be for the master of fine arts program. (I think we thought it was the art school in general…? The above photo is old, but it gives you an idea of the space in question; the ground floor is said to include a gallery.) Bonus excerpt: “Brash and outspoken, with the clatter of bracelets accenting her impassioned gesticulations, Ms. Raab, 57, has the kind of forceful presence that New Yorkers intuitively understand and that much of the rest of the country might find terrifying.”

••• Finally got around to looking at New York magazine’s fall preview. It says that Paul Sevigny’s club in the Tribeca Grand will be called Paul’s Baby Grand: “At this chic club and lounge on the first floor of the Tribeca Grand, the staff, clad in uniforms designed by Chloë Sevigny, will provide silver-tray service.” Wait till 70 Pine hears about that! “Décor is Dorothy Draper–inspired, and the bar itself will be ‘eye-popping’ and ‘highly opulent.'” It doesn’t say who the quotes are from, and if the post is online I can’t find a link.

••• Eater rounds up the early word on Khe-Yo. Even when they’re excerpted, Yelp reviews are painful to read. (“I swear it was like a flavor and textural revelation the moment it touched my mouth.”)

••• DNAinfo chats with hip-hop star/actress Eve, who has a pied-a-terre in FiDi.

••• “The body of a man in his 60s was pulled from the East River near Pier 11.” —DNAinfo

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  1. There has to be more to Tribeca than this. Time to flip and move.

  2. Do it Lin