Seen & Heard: The World of Suits

world of suits••• Has the World of Suits on Warren closed? Someone who lives nearby said it looked that way, and the store was closed today. I do miss that sign! It was a last bit of funky New York.

••• Substantial demo appears to finally be happening at 28-30 N. Moore (news broke last fall that it was going residential).

••• A film titled Learning to Drive is filming in northeast Tribeca today. From IMDB: “Wendy, a self-absorbed New York book critic, is thrown into shock when her husband leaves her abruptly for another woman. A bitter divorce ensues. Wendy is angry at her ex and men in general, and imagines herself betrayed by those closest to her. She retreats further into isolation.” Do I even have to tell you that Wendy is played by Patricia Clarkson? I prefer when she plays against type, such as in Easy A. “Forcing herself to come out of hiding, she signs up for driving lessons. Her instructor (Darwan) is a Sikh, a political refugee from India […] contemplating an arranged marriage to a woman he has never met. As these two very different characters intersect, they help each other to move forward with their lives.”

••• A new children’s fitness program called PopFit Kids will be in two Tribeca locations this fall (Imagine Swimming and Church Street Boxing Gym). One of the two women behind it is a Tribecan, Maria Mahn. Learn more here.

••• Here’s a PDF of the street-closure info for next week’s September 11 commemoration.

••• Is something happening in the Moomah space? The door was open today, and people were in there having a discussion of some kind—and then they shut the door when they saw me. :(


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  1. Yes, WoS has closed. Building has been sold and he wasn’t able to stay. He had originally planned to leave at the end of July but then negotiated for end of August. When I spoke to him, he didn’t know what the new plans were for the building. With all the development action on Warren, one has to wonder…they are currently doing facade work and bricking up the line of windows that open onto the elevator shaft. Perhaps so as to replace the elevator — currently opening onto street — as part of a larger interior renovation? Not clear. Please tell us if you find out more.