Seen & Heard: The Garbage Garage

garbage garage 9813••• The sanitation truck garage at Canal and Spring has windows.

••• Construction of the Tribeca Grand Café, a 24-hour diner at 11 Sixth Ave., appears to be underway.

••• From Donna Ferrato: “Donna Ferrato, renowned photojournalist known for her photographs of Tribeca and also of domestic violence, is debuting a new collection of works on fabric tomorrow at the wine bar and art gallery Maslow 6. The Tribeca collections will be shown at the Leica Gallery (670 Broadway) in New York beginning November 15th and running through January 4, 2014.” Also this: “Soon to be announced is a Block Party for the 15 Leonard Street Art Installation—titled The Good, The Bad and The Ugly—which will project eyes and images inside the construction site.”

••• John Willenbecher sent me this photo: “As I arrived back at 1:45 this evening a private Fashion Week party was in full swing at the Odeon. While I was putting the key into the elevator to go home this imposing person stepped out of a limo and headed for the door. Didn’t catch her name though she was happy to pose for the camera.” I had to school him: That’s no ‘person.’ That’s the Lady Bunny!

••• What I learned last night about North End Grill‘s Sunday Dinner: 1) It is a very good deal. 2) Quantities are limited—they sold out by 7:45 p.m. 3) When you reserve a table, you can reserve the supper, too—so they’ll hold some for you.

••• There’s a rendering of 71 Reade on the Chambers-facing plywood. It’s much whiter than the last one. (This is the Reade façade, lest you think the developers were suggesting balconies overlooking Chambers.)


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