Seen & Heard: Six Weeks of Karaoke

••• The Restaurant at All Good Things invited Adam and me over for dinner the other night, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I do love how secret the place feels; our visit was during a savage downpour, and the rain sounded great on the window. There were more snacks to kick off the meal than the last time we went, including tomato and ricotta “truffles,” duck rillette madeleines, and a delectable truffle custard with lobster and apple served in an eggshell. (That’s it above.) Also a big hit: The pork tenderloin with corn, chanterelles, and charred okra. And one of the desserts had sprigs of marigold, a plant I don’t think I’ve eaten before—it tastes like it smells, but better. Owner Kyle Wittels mentioned the likelihood of opening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with a more limited menu.

••• Josey commented that the word is that Ultrafit (coming to 37 Warren) will be a barre-method fitness studio.

••• Carini Lang’s big annual carpet sale will be Oct. 23-25.

••• La Bellezza pizza joint on Broadway (below Worth) has opened.

••• Opening Nov. 6 at Apexart: “SCARYOKE!!! An inquiry into the joy and terror of singing in public, with snacks. It’s a six-week party: a chance for New Yorkers to sing on a Saturday night, on their lunch hour, or after a morning jog. It’s an experiment, encouraging visitors to explore the outer boundaries of their own performative instincts and capacity for risk-taking. It’s an exploration of the different modes of public and private singing, from the tune whistled in the shower to the ballad belted out in a bar after three vodka tonics. Basically, it’s a joy factory. Get in line! John Brophy of Portland’s innovative Baby Ketten Karaoke will supply the exhibition’s songs.”

••• Two changes to the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Seaport and Civic Center Committee:
—Withdrawn: The liquor license application for 5 Beekman
—Added: Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse – Update by HoMing Chiu, Project Manager and Dorothy Kallon, Asset Manager, US General Services Administration

••• From the LMCCC: “The capital reconstruction of several South Street Seaport streets is now complete, and the city DDC has now reopened both parts of both Water Street and North Peck Slip. New water mains were installed beneath each street, along with other vital infrastructure repairs, and the roadways themselves were restored with new concrete bases and cobblestones suited to the historic district. Final restoration work continues on other blocks as part of the Peck Slip Reconstruction project, which is on track for fall completion.”

••• Also from the LMCCC: “City crews continue to replace century-old water mains in the South Street Seaport area as part of the Fulton Street Corridor reconstruction phase two, and on September 14th they will shift to the west side of the Fulton-Water Street intersection. Two lanes of northbound and one lane of southbound traffic will be maintained during the project, which is expected to continue through approximately spring 2014.”

••• @MMDeVoe of Pen Parentis tweeted that there’s a new Ukrainian restaurant on W. Broadway, above Broome. It’s called Korchma Taras Bulba. There are 15 other locations (in the Ukraine and Russia).




  1. All Good Things is desperate desperate

  2. “Withdrawn: The liquor license application for 5 Beekman” — Interesting. That’s Temple Court.

    “The Restaurant at All Good Things” needs to suck up to the folks at Eater. And get their PR act together. They’re not exactly The Elm even if they are in a basement.