Tribeca: The Film

As you read in the previous post, Smitten Films founder Lisa Ridd has offered to make a 2-3 minute love letter to Tribeca, using video and photos sent in by you.

We’re trying to capture the pulse of the neighborhood, so think both mundane and extraordinary—the view from your apartment, coffee at your favorite hangout, the sunset over the Hudson, your kids at the playground, Blue Ivy’s first steps….

••• Only submit content that you have shot yourself.
••• You must have the consent of anyone (especially Blue Ivy) who appears in your photos or video.
••• Send no more than two pictures and keep video clips under 30 seconds.
••• Please state whether you’d like your name in the credits.
••• Submission does not guarantee inclusion, and we reserve the right to not use content for any reason.
••• The Tribeca Citizen Terms of Use will apply to all submitted material.

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Also: Don’t sweat whether it’s “good”! The beauty of this is that Lisa and her Smitten team will be able to make a beautiful crazy quilt from individual pieces that may not themselves feel all that special. Take this video I shot yesterday—it looks like my meds kick in halfway through! But I bet it’ll be useful….


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  1. @Torkells – Is it okay to submit photos of my neighbors that I took from my apartment with my telephoto lens?